Welcome to Gamkonora.com – a new site for introducing tourists to affordable and recommended local Indonesian guides.

Whatever your requirements, you can reserve a local Indonesian guide here. Please allow at least one week between your enquiry and the start of the hike.

The website is still being developed and filled with exciting trips right across the archipelago including hiking mountains and volcanoes, birdwatching, diving and snorkelling, and cultural and city tours. We can already put you in touch with guides for approximately 50 tours. Have a look at the menu bar items and contact us with your requirements. We can start helping you plan trips today. In brief, this is how it works.

Gamkonora.com is managed by Westerners who have many years of experience hiking and exploring this vast, incredible archipelago.


Local Indonesian guides, if you can speak English (basic, intermediate or excellent), please register and suggest interesting itineraries here http://gamkonora.com/guide-registration/ Guides from Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua especially wanted!

Expect many further announcements over the next few weeks….